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Stayhealthy is a health solutions provider with medical-grade health monitoring devices that make taking control of people's health an affordable reality.

Stayhealthy, Inc.
I was given the task of implementing Stayhealthy's new design back in 2009 and since then, it has been moved to Kooboo and seen a major homepage revision. In Summer 2010, I started coding the HTML and CSS for a new design, but that project has been put on an indefinite hold as we have all been tied up expanding the dashboard, partner administration and kiosk.
Stayhealthy Dashboard
I started the initial coding for the Stayhealthy dashboard in early to mid 2009, but was not around when it was turned into an ASP.NET project full of panels that loaded via AJAX when the site loaded. Since returning and hiring another knowledgeable front end developer, vast improvements have been made to improve the site's performance. We have updated it use ASP.NET MVC 3, officially cut off support for IE6, and in the last year, have effectively tripled the number of features available. A few of us even learned a very good, and hard, lesson in cached AJAX requests. I started a personal project of rewriting the front end to be even more streamlined. The results were so promising that I started rewriting the kiosk's front end, which is now turned into an entire kiosk rewrite.
Stayhealthy Partner Administration
The Stayhealthy partner administration was created during my absence while I was working at BubbleUp, so I did not have a hand in its design. Since rejoining, I have been heavily involved in expanding the partner admin's features, helping deliver a more complete package of tools for wellness centers, clinics and other clients.
Stayhealthy Kiosk
The Stayhealthy kiosk is an all-in-one unit where you can asses your blood pressure, weight, body composition, pulse, temperature, eyesight, hearing and respiration. The touchscreen interfaces with a fully functional web site where these various tests can be performed. We are currently rewriting the kiosk from scratch, with all of the front end work being handled by yours truly. The great thing about this project is that we are making it to work on Chrome only, which opens up for full blown HTML5, CSS3, and webkit specific features.