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Sites I worked on as a freelance developer. Some of the sites I no longer maintain, others are no longer around.

Boo's Art
The personal website of my wife, Becky Miller, illustrator of Boudreaux the Bright Red Crawfish. Her site serves as a virtual showroom for her art, crafts and projects, and as a small way for her to keep family and friends up-to-date with life in general.
DiverseCity Kids
DiverseCity Kids is the children's ministry of my home church away from home, Hosanna Church. The site is running on a custom built CMS in PHP and is actively maintained by the church staff. The original site contained a less than attractive menu bar, but thanks to my wife, an interactive image driven menu is in place, adding to the overall appeal to the site.
Hosanna Church
2010 design, no longer maintained
Hosanna Church was my first client and my guinea pig when it came to creating websites. It served as my testing ground to learning various web technologies, most notably CSS, HTML and PHP, as I created features that the church desired, like an event calendar and photo galleries. Unfortunately, the site is not maintained and is outdated in its content and primarily serves as an informational website for visitors.
IAQ Services
2010 design, no longer maintained
IAQ Services came to me looking for a way to take their very unattractive website and give it the top notch professional quality look that they also present in their duct cleaning and mold remediation services. When showing them a mock up of the new site, the only words they could find is, "It's perfect!" I have also assisted IAQ Services in having more of a presence on the web with advertising through search engines.
Imagine Christmas
No longer maintained
Imagine Christmas was an event held by Hosanna Church for the community of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a week or two before Christmas. The first year brought in 12,000 people over a three day period, including one rainy day. It is a promotional site and originally did not have a need for additional pages. However, image galleries and testimonials were lated added to help further promote the event. Imagine Christmas is still held every year at Hosanna.
Broadmoor Baptist Church
2008 design, no longer maintained
A friend of mine contacted me about Broadmoor's imminent situation of wanting their new site up and wanting it up very soon. A requirement was to leave the back end of the website in tact since they were satisfied with how it worked for them. After updating roughly 100 pages, the new site was successfully ported in just over a week; this does not include the flash banner and on the home page since these items came later.
Buy From A Christian, LLC.
2008 design
Before I became a contractor for bfac, I was working pro bono, and my first major contribution was writing the front end code of this design from 2008. The developer before me was better at back end coding, so I was asked to see what I could do with the Photoshop mock up. A day later, said developer had a sizzling hot HTML file ready for deployment.
2009 design, no longer maintained
Thanks to a personal friend, I was contacted by collectiveData with the task of taking their existing site, and upgrading it to following the latest web standards (XHTML and more CSS dependencies) and PHP includes. One aspect that made the project straight forward was the lack of having to redesign their site, since they were satisfied with their existing layout. Initially the project seemed simple, but then I received the files from collectiveData that were already live on their websites, all 106 of them, each needing to be updated. collectiveData was so happy with the results that they have come back to me on multiple occasions to perform additional tasks for both their website and their upcoming web based system.
Arctic Air
Arctic Air contacted me with the need of a presence on the web. One of the crucial parts of making their website was that it carried Arctic Air's image of being a professional company. I was able to deliver this image in their web design as well as provide them with crucial resources in e-mail hosting and getting their name more onto the web. I am currently working on improving the site's status by getting it listed more on search engines as well as other websites with information on contractors.
C&J Heating and A/C
Charles Ray of C & J Heating and A/C came to me with the idea of wanting a website, and wanting it soon. Their business was continuing to grow and felt that they needed a website that served as an extension to their business card. In response to seeing their final product, Charles said: "We definitely got what we paid for."
Star Industrial Staffing
Star Industrial Staffing had a website that was created by a friend, but they were never able to really use it like they wanted, such as updating it with job listings or allowing people searching for work to submit their resumes. The site is running in CakePHP with CMS elements added to modify standard content pages, and was developed to meet their specific needs for job listings and resume submissions.
Women's Ministries Unlimited of Louisiana
Discontinued was created to be a hub for all Women's Ministries leaders throughout the state of Louisiana. With a new state director in Sonya McLean, the necessity in communicating and sharing information and resources, and the lack of ease in doing this, prompted Mrs. McLean to have a website created to serve as a central location for all WM related activities. The site is no longer online.