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Computrols is a New Orleans based corporation that designs, manufactures and services state-of-the-art building automation systems throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Computrols, Inc.
The VP of Operations at Computrols stated the need of a better website, something "techy", something that would be more than just a Computrols website, but would also serve as a resources for the area of building automation. A Compurols' graphic designer came up with the design for the site and I created a custom CMS in PHP for the structure of the site, allowing for Computrols Customer Service to manage the site's content whenever they needed to, all without needing any major training.
WorldSTAT, a product of Computrols, received a much needed upgrade, modeling the same design as, and built on the same in house CMS that I built in PHP. The upgrade provided a better organized site, a resource for visitors, and was built so that it could be easily updated by anyone within the company.
CBAS-Web is Computrols' premier web-enabled building automation product, allowing building automation via the Internet. I helped maintain and frequently update CBAS-Web periodically. A chunk of CBAS-Web work involved creating a bash script that would install all required programs on a Linux box running Ubuntu and exporting a copy of CBAS-Web from svn.

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