I have had the opportunity to work on many web sites covering a variety of industries: music, non-profit, art, home and commercial services, health care services, e-commerce, career placement, retirement planning, press and radio, restaurants, analytics and sports. My contribution to each site varies, and the experience on each has helped me develop into an effective front and back end developer.


Sites I worked on as a freelance developer. I no longer manage or host most of the sites, while others are no longer online.


MarkedUp combines the power of easy-to-use app analytics and dead-simple in-app marketing automation to help Windows developers retain their users, increase engagement, cross-promote new titles and updates, and increase revenue and sales.


bfac, LLC. (Buy From A Christian) started an e-commerce website that donates a tenth of their income to churches or non-profits. They have since expanded to other services, like business texting, unlimited free garage sale fundraisers, a free church directory and business directory. I am the company's Programming Director and periodically get to dig into some ColdFusion code.


Stayhealthy is a health solutions provider with medical-grade health monitoring devices that make taking control of people's health an affordable reality.


During my tenure at BubbleUp, I had the privilege of working on a wide variety of sites. Most of my work involved fixes or minor updates to existing features, but every once in a while I was able to develop new features in both BubbleUp’s CMS as well as their in house version of osCommerce. A majority of my development was spent on KeithUrban.net, TheRetirementPros.com and eight stores on MargaritavilleRetail.com. While my involvement with other sites was in a smaller capacity, they, as well as newer sites, benefit from the work performed on the sites mentioned above.


Computrols is a New Orleans based corporation that designs, manufactures and services state-of-the-art building automation systems throughout the U.S. and abroad.


At the end of 2009, AssignByWeb officially went out of business. Because of this, I am unable to show the dozens of websites I was involved with on a daily basis, including the unsuccessful payroll system, PaymentsFirst, a project I was heavily involved with before leaving the company a second time.