Tada, another Autotab release! v1.9.0 release allows you to leverage basic support for HTML5 input types tel, number, email, url and search. The primary reason these fields have basic support is due to the lack of selection functionality, and there's nothing I can really do about that. Autotab also supports "tabbing" through fields using arrow keys and will now handle drop events just like a paste event.

Drop support hit a major snag with Internet Explorer 11. Because I was capturing and handling the drop event, IE11 decided that nothing would happen. The only solution I could get working to remove a key bit of functionality: overriding the maxLength property, thus removing whatever built in restrictions browsers can impose. Fortunately, though, Autotab handled this part like a champ and my barrage of tests stood up to the challenge of this change. Still, this might come back to bite me.

Two bugs related to pasting were also fix, one reported, the other not.

Finally, Autotab will not be added to npm. It's been a while since I researched it, but I think I concluded it wasn't a proper avenue as Autotab is built solely for web site use. If my perception of npm is off, though, I'm open to feedback.