So... Autotab reached v1.5.5 a number of days ago. I know, I KNOW! I'm terrible! I didn't say anything about 1.5 or anything after! Well, here I am, saying something. Here's a run down of the 1.5.x changes:


Fixed a major bug where a change event would not trigger when a blur event occurred, and added a new feature to auto tab on specific characters.


Contains a critical bug fix for Internet Explorer, where a text box would only fill to the max length - 1, causing the last character to appear in the target element. For example, if the max length is three and 123 is typed, 12 would appear in the first box, 3 in the other.


Fixes a bug that prevented text altering filters, like uppercase and lowercase, from working.


Addresses an issue with forms not submitting from the on-screen keyboard.


Fixes a critical bug when applying a filter more than once. Since Firefox sets the default maxLength on an text box to -1, Autotab did not account for this and never applied the default 2147483647. As a result, no characters would appear. Autotab also now applies only to an input with type of text.


Addresses a bug that occurs in Internet Explorer 6 and up. If you selected all three characters in a text box, and proceeded to type three allowed characters (overriding the old characters), the second and third characters would appear before the first. For example, if 123 is selected, and you typed 456, the end result would have been 564.